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Interview with Victor, An Alabama DREAMer

22 November 2011 No Comment
by Jesus
November 22, 2011

by Salgondo

Victor is kind of an intense guy. At 19 years old, he speaks with honesty and grace beyond his years. It’s very difficult to not be awed by him; His baby face is unsuspecting, his demeanor light, his smiles genuine and deep. But when he speaks, it’s a different story.

We met him out in Texas during the United We Dream congress, and as we fell into conversations with him, we understood the importance of capturing some of his thoughts on film for the purpose of sharing them with all of our followers. With everything that’s been happening in Alabama, from the passage of HB-56 to the civil disobedience actions occurring in Alabama by allies and DREAMers from other states, we realized that there’s been a vacuum of testimonials from Alabama’s own DREAMers.  Who else could inform the rest of us about what it’s really like to live in Alabama better than someone whose daily reality is living and dealing with the consequences of this legislation passing?

The interview starts off with us asking Victor about a piece that he’d written for the Soundstrike website (it hasn’t been published as of yet, but we hope to see it up sometime very soon). He then delves into what he had written, his thoughts while writing it, and the interview then develops into him sharing some of the experiences he has personally undergone and witnessed since HB-56 passed.

Overall, we shot about 17 minutes of footage, and in this video, we’re showcasing eight minutes. As he spoke, I felt a warmth radiating through my chest, and I realized that I was experiencing a deep sense of hope and inspiration that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Here I was, this privileged Californian DREAMer, 28 years old, completely tripped up by what this young man was saying. It was refreshing. It made me realize how caught up we’ve been, reacting to what’s happening in Alabama, that we haven’t really given ourselves the opportunity to listen and learn from those living and battling this legislation on their home-turf.

Our conversations with Victor and his willingness to give us an interview is definitely one of the highlights of my time at the United We Dream congress.

We hope that you find his words as inspirational as we did.


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