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Legislative Wrap-up 2012

by Rev. Rims Barber, Mississippi Human Services Coalition

May 6, 2012
When the 2012 Legislative Session began, we were faced with an agenda crafted nationally by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (A.L.E.C.) and the TEA party.
Progressive and caring people came together to provide a balance to that kind of initiative.  The surprising result was that good prevailed over evil in many instances.  A number of those very bad ideas died, and did not become law in our state.
Religious leaders, business organizations and law officials came out and opposed the copying of …

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Cinco De Mayo: The Truth

by Bill Chandler, Executive Director of MIRA
May 6, 2012
It is amazing the misinformation and ignorance that abounds about Latinos.  A sad but good example is that of the perception that Cinco de Mayo is “Mexican Independence Day.”  It is not. Mexican Independence Day is September 16, 1810. While Cinco de Mayo is sometimes promoted as such mainly to sell beer and tequila in the United States, that date had far reaching consequences not only for Mexico, but also for the U.S.
Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory over invading French …