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In Profile: Brenda Scott

That night, Brenda Scott was tired. She’d had a long day working in the Vicksburg distribution center for Women Infants and Children (WIC). Though her work was demanding, the pay was so low that she needed to take on a second job just to get ahead. So when she finished her shift at WIC, she headed to Domino’s Pizza, where she was supposed to work a delivery shift until early morning hours. But that day she decided she was just too exhausted and stressed, and needed to go home for …

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100 rally at City Hall for workers’ union

by Josh Edwards The Vicksburg Post
May 14, 2012
About 100 City of Vicksburg employees and union organizers rallied on the steps of City Hall Wednesday afternoon in the second pro-union demonstration by city workers since February.
The rally had bout 40 city employees and 60 union organizers from across the country. City workers held a similar rally Feb. 16.
Since the push to unionize began, close to 100 city employees have said they want the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to recognize the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/ Communications Workers of America …

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Naturalization Interview Question: Immigration Q&A

Attorney L. Patricia Ice responds to an immigrant’s question about the Naturalization Process.

Question: I recently went to my N-400 naturalization interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) without an attorney.  After a grueling 50 minute interview, the immigration officer seemed to suggest that I passed the English and Civics test.  Then he asked me to give a one word definition of “allegiance.”  I couldn’t think of only one word, so I responded, “Support and defend the constitution.”  The immigration officer then told me I needed to …