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Voter suppression is an old tactic, used by the majority population to prevent minorities from gaining fair representation. Both the new redistricting plan and voter ID would have a profoundly negative impact on immigrants, African Americans and ironically, many white voters. Last November, news stories abounded about voters in states with voter ID laws losing their voting rights. 
Redistricting, while necessary and constitutionally required, is often used to punish those who do not walk lock-step with the majority party in the legislature. By re-drawing the districts along racial lines or illegally …

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Immigrant Prisoners Protest Mistreatment with Confrontation leading to a “Riot”

The complaints we’ve heard about beatings, overcrowding, substandard food, and lack of proper medical care may have finally come to a head in the form of an inmate riot in the Adams County Correctional Facility, under the Federal Bureau of Prisons, (not Immigration and Customs Enforcement , commonly known as ICE). The 2,500 bed facility houses male immigrants, convicted of crimes, and serving time. Reports have it that they are primarily from Mexico.  It is a federal prison that’s operated by the private company, Correctional Corporation of America, (CCA).
Officials in …

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Protect Voters’ Rights

Your immediate action can help protect voters’ rights.
This past week, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed into law the implementation bill for the controversial Voter ID constitutional amendment passed last November. Supported by white voters, and strongly opposed by MIRA and African American voters, it is simply a tool for minority voter suppression. Combined with the Redistricting Plan that passed at the end of the Legislative Session, many Mississippi voters’ rights are now at risk.
MIRA is spearheading a campaign in defense of minority voters. Because of Mississippi’s history as a state …