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A verdade sobre o ID de Eleitor e Redistricting

22 Maio 2012 No Comment

Supressão do eleitor é uma velha tática, utilizado pela maioria da população para evitar que as minorias de ganhar representação justa. Tanto o novo plano redistricting e eleitor ID teria um impacto profundamente negativo sobre imigrantes, Africano-americanos e, ironicamente, muitos eleitores brancos. Em novembro passado, notícias abundou sobre os eleitores em estados com leis de identificação dos eleitores que perdem seus direitos de voto.

Redistricting, enquanto necessária e constitucionalmente exigida, é muitas vezes usado para punir aqueles que não andam lock-passo com o partido da maioria no Legislativo. By re-drawing the districts along racial lines or illegally packing voters of color into fewer districts, eliminating districts that elect moderates or progressives, current lawmakers can create districts that reduce the influence of these voters.

Getting ID requires ID!

Voter ID would require registered voters to obtain a valid state issued “photo” identification card in order to continue voting. Although the new law has the state issuing the required photo IDs at no cost, the legislature did not provide funds to cover the cost of creating new IDs. There’s also a major hitch: obtaining the new ID means voters must present a valid birth certificate which, if they don’t have one, costs money (a de-facto poll tax), or may be impossible. 

Long-time voters will be barred from voting! Because many older African-Americans (and elderly people in general) were born at home and delivered by midwives, they may not have the proper documentation to get a state-issued birth certificate. This will make them ineligible to get the voter ID, even though they may have been active voters for decades, and have been able to work, raise families and generally participate as full citizens in all areas of their lives without one!

For immigrants, the barriers can be much higher! Many naturalized US citizens have birth certificates issued in their native language with diverse name and date conventions. MIRA Legal Project can document many instances where their eligible clients have been refused drivers’ licenses because the same clerks who will be issuing the new Photo ID’s can’t make verify their documents. This will undoubtedly lead to thousands of Mississippi voters being denied the right to vote.

We need your help in overturning both of these unjust laws. Please click here to download a copy of our statement to the Department of Justiceyou can just print it out, sign it, and send it in.

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