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by Thomas  F. Schaller
July 16, 2012

Not surprisingly, former President George W. Bush — son of a president, grandson of a U.S. senator, first offspring produced by the marriage of the blueblooded Bush and Walker families — is a Mayflower descendant. President Barack Obama’s roots go almost that deep: He is a descendant of Thomas Blossom, who arrived in Plymouth Colony less than a decade after the Mayflower landed.
America’s two most recent presidents are distant cousins. But what distinguishes them from most of the rest …

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Immigration, Racism, and the Supreme Court

by Marjorie Cohn
July 16, 2012

The issue of immigration has been tossed about like a political football for some time. Democrats argue that migrants who have spent many years in the United States should be permitted to apply for lawful status. Republicans criticize these proposals as “amnesty.” But Congress has been unable to agree on comprehensive immigration reform.
Three and one-half years into his term, President Obama announced on June 15 a policy to halt deportations for many undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children. They must be under …

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Immigration debate keeps law school graduate a few steps from his dreams

By Howard Mintz
July 16, 2012

The endless rows of almond orchards dotting the landscape in this ranch town just outside Chico meant a future for Sergio Garcia’s family.
His father, a Mexican immigrant, harvested the cash crop, shaking the trees for bounty 12 hours a day through hot summer months. As a teenager, Sergio Garcia worked alongside his father, helping out when he wasn’t rising to the top of his high school class and positioning himself for college and, later, law school.
But the nation’s wrenching …

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Florida To Get Access To Federal Illegal Immigrant List

by  Linda Carbonell
July 14, 2012.

Supporters of Florida’s voter purge have complained that the state would not be scatter-gunning denials of registration to thousands of registered voters if they could just get access to the Federal illegal immigration database.
The Feds and Florida have reached an agreement that will allow Florida access to the Department of Homeland Security database. Now, the fun really starts.
Any idea how many José Gomezes there are in the Western hemisphere? There is a reason all full Spanish-style names …