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Analyse de HB 1275

16 Février 2013 No Comment

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Par Mike Sayer
Courtesy of Southern Echo
Février 16, 2013

Une fois que vous avez lu la loi en vigueur,MS code 29-1-75, vous verrez l'effet insidieux de HB 1275, qui vise à modifier la loi existante. Voici la toute textof le droit existant:


Mlle. Code Ann. § 29-1-75

§ 29-1-75. Qui peut acheter


Sauf disposition contraire dans la présente section, ni une société, ni un étranger non-résident, ni aucune association de personnes constituée en totalité ou en partie des étrangers non-résidents, sont directement ou indirectement acheter ou de devenir propriétaire de l'une des terres publiques; and every patent issued in contravention hereof shall be void. A banking corporation owning such tax-forfeited lands or holding a mortgage or deed of trust thereon at the time of the sale to the state, and whose mortgage or deed of trust is still in force and effect, may purchase such lands, regardless of acreage, owned by it as aforesaid or on which it held a mortgage or deed of trust. In event of a purchase by such corporation as a mortgagee, such lands shall be held for the benefit of the mortgagor subject to all the terms and conditions of the mortgage or deed of trust held by the purchasing banking corporation and, upon payment of the debt secured by such mortgage or deed of trust, together with interest and incidents, such banking corporation shall in that event reconvey such lands to the original mortgagor, his heirs or assigns.


Nonresident aliens may acquire and hold not to exceed three hundred twenty (320) acres of public lands in this state for the purpose of industrial development thereon. En plus, any nonresident alien may acquire and hold not to exceed five (5) acres of public lands for residential purposes. If any land acquired by a nonresident alien for the purpose of industrial development ceases to be used for industrial development, it shall escheat to the public body that sold such land to the nonresident alien.


1.      Check out the 2nd paragraph.  HB 1275 deletes this paragraph in its entirety.  Under existing law, 29-1-75, nonresident aliens can own public lands for industrial development and for residential purposes.  Under HB 2175 both kinds of rights would be eliminated.


2.      Check out the first sentence where the highlighted portion refers to “corporations”.  Under existing law, 29-1-75, corporations are barred from owning public lands.  Period.  Under HB 2175 the prohibition against corporations is lifted.


3.      In summary:  nonresident aliens are denied rights they now have; corporations are provided rights they did not have.


4.      I think you can make the argument that this bill is the kind of penalty pre-empted by the federal government under the Supreme Court decision in the Arizona case.  The counter-argument is that the disposition of state lands should be a prerogative of the state and not the federal government.  I am not sure how this would shake out.


5.      Separate and apart from any other consideration, I do not think that the state has the power to deny rights to an entire organization because one or more of its members is undocumented.  That guilt by association, that penalty or forfeiture of rights by association seems inconsistent with fundamental fairness.


Cependant, keep in mind that the Taft-Hartley and McCarren Acts did just that with regard to leadership that is alleged to be involved with the Communist Party; the federal government is doing that with regard to anyone or any organization that has an alleged association with a person or persons who may be supporters of foreign organizations alleged by the government to be terrorist organizations.  And now the federal government is claiming the right to kill anyone, including American citizens, because they think such persons might at some time consider opposing United States interests abroad.

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