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Court Hearing for Assaulted Latino Family—Join us in Support

3 Февраль 2014 No Comment

Bill Chandler and Rosi Lopez discuss the home invasion by police that occurred on December 3rd. Courtesy MS News Now

Alert! Join us in supporting the Lopez & Rodriguez families in their effort to fight back against a case of brutal racial profiling.

A hearing on a motion to suppress evidence before Judge Dan Jordan, at the new Federal Court building at 501 И. Court St. in Jackson, will be held  at 1:00 pm this Wednesday, Feb.5th on the 5th floor, in  courtroom 5-A. Please join us in a show of solidarity for the families in the continuing effort to fight back against racial profiling in Jackson.

Early in the morning of Tuesday, December 3rd, as the Lopez children were dressing for school, a multi-agency “fugitive task force,” led by US marshals crashed in their door, invaded the house and attacked the family. The children were terrified. Despite an obvious case of  “wrong address,”  Rosi Lopez and others were called racist names, beaten and arrested.

They are represented by attorneys Lisa Ross  and Patricia Ice.

Read the accompanying article from the Dec. 18, 2013 Edition of the Jackson Free Press for more on the attack.

Please be at the Courthouse in a show of solidarity for the families in the continuing effort to fight back against racial profiling in Jackson.

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