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InfamousBilboStatue in Room 113

28 Март 2014 No Comment

The statue of Theodore Bilbo “не” attending the Legislative hearing.

The Legislative hearing on in-state tuition was held in Room 113, on the first floor of the Capitol building. There’s something unique about that room, and it isn’t a good thing—it’s a large bronze statue of infamous Mississippi Governor and U.S. Senator Theodore Bilbo (governor from 1916-1920, и 1928-32, and as US Senator 1935-1947 until he died), who was ultra-racist and a proud Klansman.

The statue had previously been housed in the 2nd floor rotunda of the capitol building, but Mississippi Governor William Winter fought for and finally had it removed from such a place of honor and prominence. The statue was placed, затем, at the back of Room 113.

We call it “The Bilbo Room.” Every time we have a hearing there, we cover the statue with a big Mexican blanket as a sign of protest. We believe it ought to be completely removed from the Capitol and destroyed, but until then, we’ll keep kicking him out of our meetings by covering his head with a blanket.

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