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Infamous “Bilbo” Statue in Room 113

The Legislative hearing on in-state tuition was held in Room 113, on the first floor of the Capitol building. There’s something unique about that room, and it isn’t a good thing—it’s a large bronze statue of infamous Mississippi Governor and U.S. Senator Theodore Bilbo (governor from 1916-1920, y 1928-32, and as US Senator 1935-1947 until he died), who was ultra-racist and a proud Klansman.
The statue had previously been housed in the 2nd floor rotunda of the capitol building, but Mississippi Governor William Winter fought for and finally had it removed

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Hearing for In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students a Success

Marzo 28, 2014
Adrian Gamboa has lived in Mississippi since he was twelve years old. En 2012, he graduated from high school in Biloxi, and had an ACT score that was high enough to earn college scholarships. Adrian was excited to attend college, but there was one problem—he is undocumented.
Mississippi students who are undocumented pay up to 3-4 times higher tuition than do legal residents (they’re required to pay out-of-state or even international tuition rates). For many, this means that college is unaffordable.
This is definitely the case for Adrian—at his school, …

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Key MIRA Board Members Retiring

Marzo 28, 2014
Maria Jimenez (representado aquí, photo courtesy of Free Press Houston), a longtime activist with farm workers in Texas, and a strong activist with immigrant workers’ issues across the southwest, is retiring from the MIRA board. She retires from the board in order to better focus on her current work.
Also retiring from the MIRA Board is Frank Curiel, who grew up with the farm workers’ movement and was involved in organizing grape and lettuce workers in California, and in organizing mushroom workers in Florida. He is now the Regional …

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Equal College Tuition for All Mississippi High School Graduates

by Jackie Castro-Cooper
Marzo 14, 2014
The state of Mississippi has fairly educated all documented and undocumented children and shown no unfair policies. Our great state of Mississippi must continue to show this fairness and allow them the right to pay the same instate tuition as their peers with whom they graduated from high school.
Please sign the petition to tell the MS legislature and college board to allow all Mississippi high school graduates, including undocumented youth, that they have the same rights as all MS residents to pay instate tuition..This petition will