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Freedom Summer

25 Giugno 2014 No Comment

MIRA is taking part in the Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th celebrations this week! Leading or participating in several workshops, including:

WORKERS’ RIGHTS: “Organizing in the South”
Mercoledì, June 25th, 2:15-4:00 PM
Coleman Library, 1st Floor (at Tougaloo College)
Moderator: Larry Rubin
Panelists include: Jaribu Hill (MIRA Board Member, Director of the Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights), Richard Bensinger, Monica Russo

YOUTH CONGRESS, “Understanding the Plight of DREAMers: Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance”
Mercoledì, June 25th, 4:30 6:00 PM
Youth Congress Tent (at Tougaloo College)
Moderator: Atty. L. Patricia Ice, Director of the MIRA Legal Project
Panelists include: Adrian Gamboa, Cristian Torres, Concepción Rodriguez, Janet Betancourt, and Israel Martinez

WORKERS’ RIGHTS: “Union Organizing / Community Organizing”
Giovedi, June 26th, 2:30-4:00 PM
Coleman Library, 1st Floor (at Tougaloo College)
Moderator: Ira Grupper
Panelists include: William Lucy, Sarah White, Sanchioni Butler (MIRA Board Member, Lead Organizer with the United Auto Workers), Saladin Muhammad, Bill Chandler (MIRA direttore esecutivo)

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