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Midterm Election Results Dangerous for Immigrants

11 Novembre 2014 No Comment
Novembre 11, 2014

Immigration was a hot issue during recent midterm elections, but only in a disastrous way. Despite the tremendous need for reform of our immigration policies and much discussion of overhaul over the past couple of years, candidates used the immigration issue to churn up fear among voters. Republicans pandered to the fears and anger of anti-immigrant groups in order to gain votes. Worse still, we didn’t see any Democrats standing up to the challenge or promising to address the humanitarian crisis at our borders.

One of the big concerns in the anti-immigrant camp is anxiety over the Executive Orders that President Obama has said he will use to address immigration. Leading up to the elections, candidates used this fear to whip up a racist hysteria among voters – batting about words like “amnesty” and claiming to sign anti-amnesty pledges.

Based on their campaigns and the outcome of midterm elections, we are certain that our elected officials will not be working towards humanitarian immigration reform. With lawmakers like Mississippi state Senator Chris McDaniel in office (who has authored of scores of anti-immigrant bills during his years in office), we are sure that we will see a backlash of racist, anti-immigrant proposals come through in the 2015 Legislative Session (which begins very soon – Tuesday, January 6th 2015) We can see even more clearly than before that MIRA’s fight for radical, equitable immigration reform (based on human rights, not enforcement!) must continue.

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