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11 Bad Bills

12 März 2015 No Comment

Pictured: MIRA Ally Jackie Castro Cooper speaks at Civic Engagement Day Rally.

März 12, 2015

HB 1216—Rep John Moore, R, Brandon; “Prohibits the application of foreign laws in Mississippi”

HB 1187—Rep Becky Currie, R, Brookhaven; “Employment Protection Act” (The same bill she has introduced to make work illegal)

HB 1218—Rep Mark Baker, R, Brandon; “Prohibits the use & enforcement of foreign laws in judicial proceedings”

HB 1300—Rep Becky Currie, R, Brookhaven; “Increases fines for human trafficking, (A punitive bill aimed at immigrants and people transporting immigrants whether to church, the doctor’s office, anywhere else)

SB 2015—Sen Billy Hudson, R, Hattiesburg; “Persons providing false information when applying for a job”

SB 2615—Sen Melanie Sojourner, R, Natchez; “Proof of citizenship before voting”

SB 2701—Sen Chris McDaniel, R, Ellisville “No public benefits for immigrants”

SB 2702—Sen Chris McDaniel, R, Ellisville “No foreign laws in judicial proceedings”

SB 2706—Sen Michael Watson, R, Pascagoula “Employment Protection Act”

SB 2719—Sen. Chris McDaniel, R, Ellisville “Would send immigrant parolees directly to Immigration & Custom Enforcement (ICE) upon release from a state correction facility”

SB 2805—Sen Briggs Hopson, R, Vicksburg “Photo ID to make claim for unemployment benefits”

These bills have been defeated thanks to the participation of so many immigrant families and their allies in the MIRA Civic Engagement Day, Mittwoch, January 21st and the broad coalition MIRA has assembled over the years of struggle against these bills. 

Mississippi is the only state in the Deep South without any enforceable anti-immigrant state laws. A total of 282 similar proposals have been “killed” over the past decade.

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