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11 Bad Bills

Март 12, 2015
HB 1216—Rep John Moore, R, Brandon; “Prohibits the application of foreign laws in Mississippi”

HB 1187—Rep Becky Currie, R, Брукхейвенская; “Employment Protection Act” (The same bill she has introduced to make work illegal)
HB 1218—Rep Mark Baker, R, Brandon; “Prohibits the use & enforcement of foreign laws in judicial proceedings”
HB 1300—Rep Becky Currie, R, Брукхейвенская; “Increases fines for human trafficking," (A punitive bill aimed at immigrants and people transporting immigrants whether to church, the doctor’s office, anywhere else)
SB 2015—Sen Billy Hudson, R, Hattiesburg; “Persons providing false information when applying for

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Civic Engagement Day Builds Support for In-State Tuition; Gathers Allies to Defeat Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Март 12, 2015
On January 21, 2015, members of the Latino community (including people from Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gulfport and Jackson) joined MIRA and many other human rights organizations to be part of Civic Engagement Day. The group consisted of civil & human rights leaders, union leaders, church members, students, mothers, business owners, and workers. The message delivered to the capitol wasWe are tired of racist and anti-immigrant laws!”
There are over 200,000 immigrants living in MS and it is estimated that a third of these are American citizens, which means they are entitled

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Alert: ACA’s effect on Undocumented Immigrants

By Gary Delgado,  The Alliance for a Just Society

Март 12, 2015
Although undocumented people are clearly ineligible for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, many of them are facing penalties for not having healthcare when they file their taxes.
MIRA Organizer Aida Martinez-Bone spoke with immigrant workers across Mississippi and learned that they were being charged penalties for not enrolling in the ACA. “I first heard about it in Laurel, said Martinez-Bone. “A undocumented family showed us their tax forms and pointed to the line where they had been charged $204.00 for