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Mississippi Elections 2015: Voter Registration and Getting Out The Vote are MIRA Priorities!

22 Giugno 2015 No Comment

MIRA Volunteers help register citizens to vote during ¡LatinFest! 2014

Giugno 21, 2015

 Mississippi’s changing demographics present an opportunity to lay the ground for political and economic change. With a small but growing progressive trend among white voters, and an African American population upwards to 40% of the state’s population, joined by the new and growing immigrant communitiesengaged and together can make it happen. The Latino population in Mississippi is now around 3% and rapidly increasing, with over a 100% growth reported in the last census, and predicted to rise to 10% over the next ten years.
But where are the voters to make this happen? In African American communities, activists estimate that only about half that are eligible to vote are registered, and of those too many do not get out and vote. Latinos in in Mississippi are mostly non-citizens who cannot vote. But things are changing. MIRA’s and others effort to get eligible immigrants into naturalization classes and to apply has produced a growing immigrant electorate. But children of immigrants born in the United States who are eighteen years or older can register and vote. We are not just talking about Latinos, Mississippi has immigrants from scores of countries. MIRA’s membership has included people from some 70 countries.This latent power must become engaged!

For years MIRA has been registering eligible voters with a focus on communities of color. We have mobilzations to get them to their polling places. The more voters engaged, the more public officials will pay attention to our concerns. Volunteers are needed now to help build an activist voting constituency!

Elections for county and state public offices are underway now: from now until July 3rd the cut-off, 30 days before the August 4th political party primary elections we will be registering voters. From July 4th onward we will be making sure that the newly registered go and vote. From August 5th onward we will back to registering through the October 2nd cut off, and then getting out the vote for the November 3rd general election. Volunteers are needed to help in this effort – and by the way, you don’t need to be a citizen in order to volunteer. We already have a number of DREAMERS involved in helping us Get Out the Vote. JOIN US!!!

Watch this video for Spanish-language information about what you need in order to register to vote – and pass it along to friends and family!

u8232 To schedule Naturalization Workshops contact Legal Project Director Patricia Ice: 601-968-5182 x3
For voter registration activities on the Gulf Coast call Aida Martinez Bone, Organizzatore: 228-386-5164 x4
And for other areas in the state call Bill Chandler, Exec. Direttore: 601-968-5182 x2

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