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16th Annual Workers’ Memorial Day mass meeting, Tuesday, April 28th

Junio 22, 2015
Injuries and fatalities at work continue to plague workers in the US. The national rate for workplace fatalities is at 3.3 per 100,000 workers. However in Mississippi the fatality rate is nearly double at 6.2 per 100,000 trabajadores. Nationally, during 2013 some 4,585 workers died from workplace injuries. En Mississippi 68 died during the same period—more than 1 death weekly, rarely reported in the media.
Foreign born workers—immigrant or migrant–die in alarming numbers. 542 were killed during the same period. The leading countries of origin for these workers are …

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Is Mississippi AG Currying Political Favor with Immigration Raid?

Junio 22, 2015

Una versión de este articulo fue publicada en el periódico La Noticia. Haz un clic aquí para leerlo (vea a pagina 4A).

It’s election year, and Mississippi’s Attorney General Jim Hood must be worried about votes, because he may have engaged in some serious election-year pandering. In an apparent attempt to curry favor with anti-immigrant voters, the AG office conducted a raid at a Raymond County dairy farm last week, rounding up nine undocumented men on charges of “identity theft.”

Click to watch the WJTV News Report on the Raid
The undocumented …

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2015 Mississippi Legislative Session Report Card

Junio 16, 2015
Each year at the end of the legislative session, the Mississippi Human Services Coalition analyses the work of legislators and their effect on the lives of Mississippi’s “ordinary” residents. Active for decades, the coalition is made up of human service organizations who meet weekly during the sessions to share information on proposals they care about. Together, this informal coalition of about 50 groups join together to fight for or against targeted proposals. MIRA has been an active part of this coalition for the 15 years it has existed. …

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Mississippi Elections 2015: Voter Registration and Getting Out The Vote are MIRA Priorities!

Junio 21, 2015
 Mississippi’s changing demographics present an opportunity to lay the ground for political and economic change. With a small but growing progressive trend among white voters, and an African American population upwards to 40% of the state’s population, joined by the new and growing immigrant communitiesengaged and together can make it happen. The Latino population in Mississippi is now around 3% and rapidly increasing, with over a 100% growth reported in the last census, and predicted to rise to 10% over the next ten years.
But where are the