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Mississippi needs new leadership. Your support is critical to make this happen.

2 Septiembre 2015 No hay Comentarios
Septiembre 2, 2015

We believe that “your vote is your voice.” MIRA works year after year on voter registration – one of our most important initiatives. With the November 3rd election approaching, we need your financial support to ensure that Mississippi’s immigrants & people of color are mobilized to vote. Your contribution of $10 or more will allow us to register voters in communities that often do not have a voice. 

We recently saw a Mississippi elected official take disturbing action. It’s election year, and politicians are doing whatever they can to muster votes – including, in this case, conducting an immigration raid on an industrial farm. Nine workers were snatched away from their jobs, homes, and families. The raid appeared to be an attempt at revving up anti-immigrant voters ahead of a tough election cycle. The official got plenty of media coverage, and he positioned the raid as a heroic act that protected Mississippians from dangerous “illegals” and “identity theft.”

This political stunt had cruel consequences. These families will never be the same again – you can read more about their stories aquí.

We worked to bring awareness to this raid – conducting interviews and sharing the story through our circles. We supported the attorneys who attempted to get these men out on bond (they are still denied bail and have been jail in Hinds County, housed with serious criminals– for the past two months). We reached out to leaders who can advocate for these families.

But this isn’t enough. The deep, pervasive issue here is that many elected officials in Mississippi see immigrants (and African Americans and people of color in general) as political tools – easy targets for galvanizing the massive white supremacist voter base in Mississippi.

It’s time to elect officials who will lead our state with respect for all people, especially for those who are abused and maligned by the current oligarchy. If we want new leadership, we must develop a voter base more representative of Mississippi’s real population – which requires ongoing naturalization for citizenship and voter registration drives. 

So we’re working hard to make sure that all eligible immigrants, children of immigrants, and people of color are registered to vote in Mississippi.

This is where we need your financial support. We have a lean budget for our organization, and in order to focus on voter registration drives, we need financial assistance. Your contribution, no matter how small, will allow us to continue to support the rights of immigrants and workers state wide. For just $10, less than a price of a movie ticket, you can help make a real difference in the future of Mississippi. 

Please give generously as your heart and budget allow. Help us meet our goal of $5,000 to organize our voter registration campaign and to continue to expose the dirty politicians who exploit workers and rip immigrant families apart.

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