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Looking Forward to 2016 – Your Support is Desperately Needed.

4 Январь 2016 No Comment
Январь 4, 2016

It’s late, and you’re tired. On your way home from work, you take a right onto your street, but you forget to switch on your turn signal. As luck would have it, there’s a cop behind you, and the blue lights start flashing. After approaching your car, the cop decides he doesn’t like the way that you look, and demands to see your “papers”.

Your daughter is six years old, and is currently in elementary school. The administration at her school keeps tabs on “kids like her” because they suspect that she might be undocumented.

You have a hard time finding a place to live, because landlords aren’t legally allowed to rent to “your kind.”

You have a terrible time finding a job, because employers can’t legally hire “people like you,” and what’s more, it’s illegal for you to even apply for a job.

Your priest, your neighbor, or your brother could get into serious trouble for giving you a ride to the bank, the store, or the hospital.  

This sounds like something out of a dystopian novel, but the truth is, it’s the immigration law on the books in our neighbor state, Алабама.

The notorious Alabama HB56 is the toughest immigration law in the nation (worse than even the original Arizona SB1070). Although portions of the law are currently blocked, the original legislation allows for brutal and unconstitutional treatment of people based only on “reasonable suspicion,” just like the situations described above.

The November elections in Mississippi had terrible results for immigrants and workers in our state – as Republicans now hold a 3/5ths majority in the State House of Representatives, and a similar proportion in the Senate. We lost a good many Democratic seats in the legislature, and among them, several key allies.

On a positive note, MIRA Founding member, organizer, and longtime ally Kathy Sykes was elected to the State House of Representatives with a huge majority vote – she will replace outgoing MIRA President Jim Evans in District 70. Another key ally, attorney Jarvis Dortch, was elected out of South Jackson to the House of Representatives. Jarvis works with Health Help Mississippi and has been an important part of healthcare-related work.

 (оставил); Jarvis Dortch (право)

The 2016 Legislative Session is fast approaching and it will be a dangerous, unpredictable time for immigrant and worker rights. With Republicans holding an overwhelming majority in both sides of the Legislature, they will be almost unstoppable. On the national political stage, candidates in both parties are spreading xenophobic, discriminatory messages, which is stoking the fires here in Mississippi. We expect the anti-immigrant camp will bring a wave of Alabama-style legislation this year, and we will be ready.

Mississippi is the only state in the Deep South that has not a single Alabama / Arizona style law on the books, and it’s because of the stand that MIRA and its allies take every year. For the past few years, we’ve introduced legislation that would create positive change for immigrants (In-State Tuition; Workers Compensation Reform, and others), but this year, we will be focusing most of our attention on a fight against dangerous, discriminatory legislation.

MIRA needs your financial support to fight back in 2016 – our funds are at a critical point and we must have your help in order to hold back anti-immigrant, anti-worker legislation. Every dollar helps – even just $10 will make a difference in the struggle.

You can donate online or mail a check to:Миссисипи Иммигранты Альянс в защиту прав, P. O. Коробка 1104, Джексон, Миссисипи 39215

Also, if you shop at Amazon, you can use Amazon Smile and a portion of every purchase you make is donated to MIRA! Use this link to connect to MIRA’s Amazon Smile.

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