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MIRA Advocacy Agenda for 2016

5 Январь 2016 No Comment
Январь 5, 2016

Below are our plans for Advocacy in the 2016 Сессия законодательного собрания. Though we won’t know what the bad bills are until they’ve been submitted in the new year, we are already preparing to fight back. And we have a long list of pro-immigrant / pro-worker legislation that we will be supporting. Details below.

Adverse bills:

  • Fight all anti-immigrant proposals
  • Fight all anti-worker proposals
  •     . . .and all other anti-people proposals

Bills for progressive change:

  • Mississippi Civil Rights Act (w/ACLU)
  • Tuition equity—College in-state tuition for all undocumented high school graduates
  • Comprehensive Workers Compensation reform
  • A $ 15.00 minimun wage
  • Mississippi drivers’ license regardless of immigration status
  • Prohibit racial profiling
  • Support full funding for MS Adequate Education Program
  • Fight for Medicaid expansion
  • Access to health care for all Mississippi residents regardless of immigration status
  • Bad Boss tax—for employers paying workers less than a living wage forcing them     to access public benefits to survive—would return to state treasury the cost to the     public for those benefits (ie. Food stamps, и т.д., etc.)
  • Replace Missississippi State Flag
  •     . . .and all other pro-people proposals

The 2016 Mississippi Legislative Session convenes on Tuesday, Январь 5, 2016 at Noon in the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson.

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