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Recap: Civic Engagement Day 2016

On February 24, 2016, dozens of MIRA members, союзники, and volunteers traveled from around the state to gather at the State Capitol for a press conference and a chance to speak with legislators about the issues facing immigrants in Mississippi.
Joining MIRA were a group of DREAMERS, who were calling for a fair chance at education and a future through tuition equity; members of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute and the State Employees Union, who were supporting comprehensive workers compensation reform; and the leader of Mississippi’s Fight for $15 group, advocating

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Will it be Illegal to be Brown in Mississippi?

And how a major unfunded mandate hangs local and municipal government out to dry.
A dangerous bill is pending. Законопроект, принятый сенатом 2306 is defined as:
“An act to prohibit the establishment of sanctuary cities; to authorize all Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers to assist federal agencies by legally detaining illegal aliens; to indemnify law enforcement officers for implementation of this act; and for related purposes.” The remaining text of the bill is short, and we urge you to read it here.
Законопроект, принятый сенатом 2306 (SB 2306) is bad for public safety, bad for local