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MIRA’s New Digs

Novembro 14, 2016
MIRA has a new office. We have moved from our office of 10 years at 612 N. State Street in downtown Jackson, up the street in to the northern Fondren area between Meadowbrook and North Side to 4436 North State Street, Suite A-1, Jackson.

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Expect Attacks on the Human Rights of Immigrants and Migrant Workers Beginning in January.


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Novembro 14, 2016 

DACA Youth: Trump said that he would end President Obama’s executive order setting up the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (IF) program for youth who came to the U.S. as children. It may be ended abruptly. This is a federal program allowing qualified undocumented youth to apply for deferred action on possible deportation and giving them work authorization and educational opportunities in two-year renewable segments. They will lose jobs and scholarships that allowed many of them to attend college and start careers. They will

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Hang tough. Stand up. Fight Back!

Novembro 14, 2016
The U.S Presidential election results have shocked many and triggered widespread fear in immigrant families. The new President has a laundry list of vicious proposals to attack immigrants and migrant workers. He plans to act immediately, and this will have a direct effect on Mississippi. Bigoted Mississippi legislators have introduced some 292 anti-immigrant bills for consideration in the last decade. MIRA members and their allies have joined together to successfully defeat them. Now these politicians will be emboldened to ramp up their attacks—so we must organize to fight back!