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2017 Mississippi Legislative Session

25 January 2017 No Comment

pointJanuary 25, 2017

Bills both good & bad affecting all workers native born and immigrants


Good Bills:

Driver’s License for Immigrants

House Bill30 by Rep. Kathy Sikes-D, Jackson: for people without Social Security Numbers (Transportation)

Senate Bill 2225 by Sen. Briggs Hopson-R, Vicksburg: Improve Driver’s License Law for the Legally Present (Jud A)

In-state College Tuition Rate for Undocumented High School Graduates

House Bill 212 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson (Universities & Revenue)

State Employee Pay Raise (none for the last 9 years)

House Bill 187 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson (Revenue)

House Bill 331 by Rep. Tom Miles-D, Forest (Revenue)

Improvements for Workers who are injured or are killed at Work

House Bill 308 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson: Comprehensive Worker’s Comprehensive Reform (Insurance & Jud A)

House Bill 169 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson: Increase Maximum Benefit (Insurance & Jud A)

House Bill 172 by Rep. John Hines-D, Greenville: Increase Benefits (Insurance & Jud A)

House Bill 901by Rep.  Percy Watson-D, Hattiesburg: Improve Hearing Rights (Insurance)

Senate Bill 2040 by Sen. Derrick Simmons-D, Greenville: Increase Benefits ()Insurance& Jud A)

Establish Mississippi Department of Labor

House Bill 822 by Rep. Orlando Paden-D, Clarksdale (Workforce & Revenue)

Establish and increase Minimum Wage

House Bill 366 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson: $10.00 (Workforce & Jud A)

House Bill 821 by Rep. Credell Calhoun-D, Jackson: Ballot Initiative (Workforce & Elections)

House Bill 1077 by Rep. Jeremy Anderson-D, Moss Point: $9.00 (Workforce & Jud A

House Bill 1078 by Rep. David Myers-D, Mc Comb: Establish Procedure (Workforce & Jud A)

House Bill 1080 by Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes-D, Gulfport: Pay Equity (Workforce & Jud A)

Senate Bill 2777 by Sen. Debbie Dawkins-D, Pass Christian: Annual Increments to $10:00 by 2020 (Accountability)\

 Unemployment Compensation Benefit

House Bill 334 by Rep Adrienne Wooten-D, Jackson: No Waiting for Benefit (Workforce & Revenue)

House Bill 823 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson: Increase Benefit (Workforce & Revenue)

English Language Learners in School

House Bill 418 by Rep. Tom Miles-D, Forest:  Establish Program (Education & Revenue)

House Bill 419 by Rep. Tom Miles-D, Forest: Fund Program Education & Revenue)

Mississippi Civil Rights Act

House Bill 668 by Rep. John Hines-D, Greenville (Jud A)

Repeal Unconstitutional Law Prohibiting Undocumented from Working

House Bill 790 by Rep. Kathy Sykes-D, Jackson (Jud A & Workforce)

Require Consent for Search by Law Enforcement

Senate Bill 2054 by Sen. Angela Turner Ford-D, West Point  (Jud A)

Women’s Economic Security

Senate Bill 2762 by Sen. Debbie Dawkins-D, Pass Christian (Health & Appropriations)

Time Off From Work to Vote

House Bill 301 by Rep. Omeria Scott-D, Laurel (Elections & Workforce)

Change State Flag

SB 2081 by Sen. Derrick Simmons-D, Greenville (Rules)

Bad Bills:


No Affirmative Action or Sanctuary in Higher Education

House Bill 600 by Rep. Robert Foster-R, Hernando (Universities & Jud B)

Immigrants Show Papers to Police

House Bill 627 by Rep. Deborah Dixon-D, Raymond: & Make Existing E-verify Enforceable and Penalize Working (Jud B)

Mandate All Law Enforcement Jurisdictions and Other Agencies Cooperate With ICE

House Bill 748 by Rep. Becky Currie-R, Brookhaven (Jud B)

Prohibit and Penalize Sanctuary Cities and University and College Campuses

House Bill 772 by Rep. Mark Formby-R, Picayune (Jud A)

House Bill 848 by Rep. Alex Monsour-R, Vicksburg and 19 others (Jud A)

Senate Bill 2710 by Sen. Sean Tindell-R, Gulfport (Jud A)Passed out of Committee—On Senate Calendar for floor vote

Senate Bill 2721 by Sen. Michael Watson-R, Gulfport (Jud A)

Senate Bill 2727 by Sen. Chris McDaniel-R, Ellisville (Jud A)

 Social Service Agencies Liability for Infractions Refugees May Commit

Senate Bill 2346 by Sen. Michael Watson-R, Pascagoula(Jud A)

Senate Bill 2227 by Sen. Angela Burks Hill-R, Picayune (Jud A)

Revise so-called “Employment Protection Act, ” or “ Immigrants Can’t Work Act,” to Make it Enforceable

Senate Bill 2583 by Sen. Michael Watson-R, Pascagoula (Jud A)

Mandate that Attorney General Seek Federal Reimbursement for Costs to State of Immigration Enforcement

Senate Bill 2176 by Sen. Michael Watson-R, Pascagoula (Jud A)

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