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A Track Record of Hard-Fought Victories for Human and Immigrant Rights

25 Janeiro 2017 No Comment
We can do so much good in our communities when we stand together.

We can do so much good in our communities when we stand together.

Janeiro 25, 2017

Since its founding 16 anos atrás, MIRA has organized with immigrants and allies across Mississippi to oppose anti-immigrant / anti-worker legislative proposals – leading to the defeat of over 270 such bills. With participation from the Mississippi Black Legislative Caucus, Eco do Sul, unions, igrejas, the NAACP, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights, the MS ACLU and many others, we have defeated all Arizona/Alabama style anti-immigrant proposals in our state.

We can do so much good in our communities when we stand together. In addition to defeating bad legislation, we’ve also created many positive changes and movements. Here are a few things we have done, with our many allies, over the past 16 anos.

  • MIRA successfully advocated for the enactment of laws helpful to immigrants, including establishing a procedure for enrollment in public schools for all children regardless of immigration status; a law establishing court interpreter services; prohibition of “notary publics” from practicing law; driver’s license for all categories of visa holders.
  • MIRA organized and led the effort to enact the state’s only anti-racial profiling ordinance by the Jackson, Mississippi City Council, an ordinance championed by the late mayor and then council-member Chokwe Lumumba.
  • MIRA organizers have informed thousands of immigrants of many origins in their communities throughout Mississippi with an empowering “Know Your Rights” program.
  • MIRA has provided legal services and community outreach to workers and families affected by workplace raids and home invasions by ICE agents, as well as continuing to work on a full docket of immigration cases for individuals seeking adjustment of status, work authorization and naturalization, and other immigration benefits.

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