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Why Civic Engagement Day is More Important than Ever

25 Enero 2017 No hay Comentarios

The late Jackson mayor Chowke Lumumba speaking at Civic Engagement day a few years ago. Lumumba introduced the anti-racial profiling ordinance that’s now being attacked by legislators.

Enero 25, 2017

MIRA and its allies are joined forces on January 25th, 2017, for the annual Civic Engagement Day at the Capitol to take a stand for immigrant, worker, refugee, and HUMAN rights. Your participation this year was more important than ever (see below for why) – we need your support in taking a stand at this critical moment in American history.

The Trump team has long made it clear that they aim to deport millions of immigrants, ripping families apart, and driving immigrants, refugees, and their families and friends into silence. But we are committed to stand up for a Mississippi and America that values all people.

Just five days after Trump’s inauguration, we stood up to say yes to community, to love for one another, to shared strength and human dignity. We linked arms and stood as a line of defense against Donald Trump’s reign of terror, but we can’t do it without your support. Please consider donating to MIRA – even $5 helps us defend immigrant and human rights.


Racism has made our state the worst in the nation with regards to worker’s rights. En Mississippi, some 80 workers die on the job each year, while injured workers can be fired for applying for relief to the state workers’ compensation commission. There is no state department of labor, no occupational health and safety office, and no state minimum wage. Mississippi state workers have gone 9 years without a pay raise, while agency bosses freely give pay increases to their cronies in management. Corporations refuse to honor the American right to organize unions, and hold them hostage to low wages, dictatorial bosses and poor working conditions. And all the while, immigrant and migrant workers are exploited mercilessly.

We stand firm in our opposition to the many anti-immigrant and refugee proposals introduced in to the 2017 Mississippi Legislative Session. Trump’s long history of racism and his rise to the White House has emboldened white supremacists in our legislature to rise with him in pushing their own agendas. Racism has been used as a tactic against Mississippi residents, to divide people of European descent and those of African heritage, to pit them against each other and prevent them from uniting on any issues. Now immigrants, migrants and Muslims are also targets of racist strategies.

Making our case at the Capitol with the Legislators is a proven tactic for defeating bad legislation and making progress for the people in our State. Please donate to support this struggle – on Civic Engagement Day we stood in solidarity together to fight back against racism and exploitation of all workers, regardless of employment in private or public service and regardless of immigration status.

Your contribution of $5, $10, o $25 helps make defend Immigrant rights in our state.. Donate now!

To donate by check please send to MIRA, P.O. Caja 1104, Jackson, Misisipí 39215

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