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Immigrants Of All Skill Levels Spur Job Creation

17 Abril 2017 No hay Comentarios
by Sam Felder

by Sam Felder

Abril 17, 2017

The American Enterprise Institute and Partnership for a New American Economy, for instance, found that every time 100 additional less-skilled, legal, non-agricultural workers are admitted to a given state, 464 jobs are created for U.S. born workers; For every 100 additional high-skilled H-1B (includes STEM fields and requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent) trabajadores, 183 jobs are created for native-born workers in the same state. If the H-1B program were to be expanded by just 10,000 visas, some economists estimate that the impact in the first year will be sizable–increasing total U.S. employment by 227,000 jobs and the country’s GDP by $22 billón.


Restructuring the U.S. immigration system to increase security and promote economic growth

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