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This Is Our Best Defense Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

Июнь 3, 2017
Mary Turck
Courtesy of YES! Magazine
Under the Trump administration’s new executive orders, these are the scenes repeated in many cities: Immigration agents swoop in and take away a domestic abuse victim leaving a court building. They roust a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status from his bed. They arrest people showing up at immigration offices for routine appointments. In this atmosphere of anger, fear, and confusion, local governments, as well as churches, schools, and hospitals, are declaring themselves “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants.
But what does that really mean?

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Sign-up for MIRA’s New Text Alerts

Please text MIRA to 33222 on your cell phone to receive up to four important mobile alerts per month from the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance. It’s easy and quick so do it now! Thanks!

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Undocumented and Transgender

by Norma Allen
Июнь 1, 2017
Courtesy of YES! Magazine
Undocumented and transgender, Karolina Lopez was held at an immigrant detention center near Tucson, Arizona, for three years while awaiting asylum. Originally from Acapulco, home to the highest murder rate in Mexico, Lopez came to the United States to escape discrimination from her family and community. She landed in a detention center after reporting a robbery to the police, who arrested her when they discovered her illegal status.

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Syrian Journey: Choose Your Own Escape Route

Май 11, 2017
Courtesy YES! Magazine
Step into the shoes of a Syrian refugee. Imagine walking—and flying, driving, or traveling by boat— 1,500 dangerous miles from Syria to Europe.
Published by the BBC at the height of the refugee crisis, this virtual challenge is an exhilarating yet sobering experience. Players choose between common routes taken by Syrian migrants, and make tough decisions about how to travel and whom to trust. It’s a treacherous journey, and one wrong choice can cost you your life.

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Trump’s Pointless, Racist Anti-Immigration Hotline Is Outing Domestic Violence Survivors to Their Abusers

Май 25, 2017
Sidney Fussell
Courtesy Gizmodo
President Trump’s effort to track and prevent violence from undocumented immigrants has instead become a nightmare for domestic violence and human trafficking survivors, according to an advocacy group that helps immigrants suffering from abuse.

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When Crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border Was Not a Crime

Май 23, 2017
Kelly Lytle Hernandez
Courtesy of YES! Magazine
It was not always a crime to enter the United States without authorization.
На самом деле, for most of American history, immigrants could enter the United States without official permission and not fear criminal prosecution by the federal government.
That changed in 1929.