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Immigration helps our economy

by Steve Tobocman and John Austin
Luglio 20, 2017
Courtesy The Detroit News
Immigration has dominated local news of late, from the so-called “Muslim” travel ban to the potential deportation of Iraqi Chaldean Christians who may face ethnic violence if deported. These are headline-grabbing issues and unfortunate value statements about what Americans aspire to be as a nation — presenting an America in fear and disengaging from the world. But what has been undeniably missing from the headlines is an analysis and discussion of the negative economic impacts provoked by Trump’s immigration policies.

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The Immigration Effect

By Lena Groeger
Luglio 19, 2017
Courtesy of ProPublica

President Trump has promised to increase U.S. economic growth – in fact, he’s banking on it. The budget he proposed to Congress in May assumes a 3 percent growth rate, and the White House website promises a return to 4 percent annual economic growth. Both predictions are far higher than the roughly 2 percent growth rate assumed by the Congressional Budget Office or the Federal Reserve.

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The mounting costs of nationwide immigration enforcement

By Marc Schindler and Jeremy Kittredg
Luglio 20, 2017
Courtesy The Hill
While partnering with the federal government around immigration enforcement may seem like afree resource,” local law enforcement and taxpayers need to be clear that when they partner with ICE, it will cost them.
In The Cost of Crimmigration: Exploring the intersection between criminal justice and immigration, the Justice Policy Institute explores the financial and social costs connected to increased participation by local law enforcement in enforcing federal immigration laws.

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Is the U.S. in Danger of Losing Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Agosto 1, 2017
by David Hsu and Cyrus D. Mehta
Courtesy of U. of Penn Wharton
A decision by the Trump administration to delay and possibly rescind an Obama-era rule could cause the U.S. to fall behind other countries in attracting immigrant entrepreneurs who bring investments and create jobs, experts say.
The so-called International Entrepreneur Rule that the Obama administration introduced in August 2016 aimed to grant parole visas for up to five years to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs.