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Immigration helps our economy

1 Agosto 2017 No Comment
Immigrants are key to Michigan’s economic comeback, the authors write. (Photo: Rick Bowmer / AP)

Immigrants are key to Michigan’s economic comeback, the authors write. (Foto: Rick Bowmer / AP)

by Steve Tobocman and John Austin

Julho 20, 2017

Cortesia The Detroit News

Immigration has dominated local news of late, from the so-called “Muslim” travel ban to the potential deportation of Iraqi Chaldean Christians who may face ethnic violence if deported. These are headline-grabbing issues and unfortunate value statements about what Americans aspire to be as a nation — presenting an America in fear and disengaging from the world. But what has been undeniably missing from the headlines is an analysis and discussion of the negative economic impacts provoked by Trump’s immigration policies.

A new report, issued this week by the Michigan Economic Center and Global Detroit, details how Trump’s immigration policies freeze and reverse the flow of new people, new ideas, new entrepreneurial energy, and new global connections that have served as Michigan’s economic lifeline in recent years. To fully understand how these policies hurt Michigan’s economy, consider the basic factors that drive economic and job growth. It starts with the number of people working. It continues with the number of people working more efficiently, with greater levels of education and skills to meet the needs of employers. And finally, new innovations, technologies, and business models create new firms, growth, and jobs.

Immigration helps our economy

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