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What we’re missing in the debate about immigration

by Duarte Geraldino 
Septiembre 21. 2017
Courtesy Ted
Between 2008 y 2016, the United States deported more than three million people. What happens to those left behind? Journalist Duarte Geraldino picks up the story of deportation where the state leaves off. Learn more about the wider impact of forced removal as Geraldino explains how the sudden absence of a mother, a local business owner or a high school student ripples outward and wreaks havoc on the relationships that hold our communities together.

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Plainclothes Officers Arrested Immigrants at a Courthouse. Can They Do That?

by Maya Rhodan

Septiembre 18, 2017

Courtesy of Time
Representatives of Immigration and Customs Enforcement say that the arrests of undocumented immigrants last week by plainclothes officers who did not identify themselves to bystanders outside a Brooklyn courthouse were allowed under current policy.
Under the Trump Administration, arrests at courthouses have become a common occurrence, much to the chagrin of immigration attorneys and immigrant rights advocates.

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Who Are You Calling Lawless?

by Mark Joseph Stern
Septiembre 21, 2017
Courtesy of The Slate

The Trump administration’s latest attempt to punish sanctuary cities hit a snag on Friday when a federal court ruled the Justice Department cannot withhold public safety grants from jurisdictions that refuse to assist federal immigration authorities. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had attempted to prevent cities and states from receiving these funds unless they cooperatedwith immigration officials’ crackdown on undocumented immigrants. The court held that Sessions in fact has no power to attach new restrictions to the grants, rendering most of his new rules unlawful.

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An Immigrant Who Crossed the Border as a Child Retraces His Journey, in Poems

By Jonathan Blitzer

Septiembre 19, 2017
Courtesy of The New Yorker
When the Salvadoran-born poet Javier Zamora was nine years old, he travelled alone to the United States, crossing the border on foot to reunite with his family. Now twenty-seven, he has lived in the U.S. ever since. Over time, the details of his journey have blurred in his memory. A few years ago, after getting an undergraduate degree from Berkeley and beginning an M.F.A. at New York University, Zamora decided to retrace his steps.