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Immigration Game Tries To Tell An Important Story, Falls Short

25 Settembre 2017 No Comment

4_horsemanby Gita Jackson

Settembre 25, 2017

Cortesia Kotaku

Four Horsemen is a game about immigrants and refugees, and also kinda sorta the apocalypse. It’s a compelling game, written from a place of deep empathy about a topic that is important to consider in our current political climate. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite come together.

Things are ending for the four friends you follow in this visual novel—school is ending, friendships end, and most significantly these kids have experiences that end their illusions about their identities and the country they live in. You choose what fictional nation the kids have emmigrated from, which will change the characters’ names, native tongue, and sometimes their appearance. In one playthrough they were from Aurentin and spoke German. In another, they were from Crisol and swore in Spanish. This may be my favorite touch in Four Horsemen since it feels the most politically relevant. The kids that could be from anywhere, and these are struggles that happen in many countries. The characters’ dialogue and experience touched on issues and conversations familiar to me from the recent repeal of DACA as well as the challenges my own immigrant mother faced when she arrived in America in the 50s.

Immigration Game Tries To Tell An Important Story, Falls Short

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