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MIRA Civic Engagement Day 2018

12 Декабрь 2017 No Comment

empowered_ women_on_busДекабрь 12, 2017

We need your help!

Миссисипи Альянс в защиту прав иммигрантов (MIRA) is having its annual Civic Engagement Day on Wednesday, Январь 24, 2018.

On Civic Engagement Day, immigrants and their families have the opportunity to speak face to face with lawmakers who make the decisions affecting the daily lives of those who have come here to improve their lives. 

We know that anti-immigrant legislation will be introduced at the Capitol in January. Однако, Civic Engagement Day has been very effective in preventing the passage of these bills.  In fact, in the past 16 лет, 292 pieces of anti-immigrant legislation have been defeated.

We know that real people sharing real stories about their lives show our politicians why immigrantsrights are so important.

You can help!

We need funds to rent buses to bring immigrants and their families from all over Mississippi to meet with legislators.  The buses are important because they provide safe travel through hostile cities and counties on the way to Jackson. We will also provide lunch for Civic Engagement Day participants.

You can change people’s lives by supporting immigrant activists as they work to make our neighborhoods safe and prosperous for everyone who lives there.

Please make your donation online TODAY to support MIRA Civic Engagement Day!

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