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MIRA Civic Engagement Day 2018

Diciembre 12, 2017
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La Alianza por los Derechos Inmigrantes de Mississippi (MIRA) is having its annual Civic Engagement Day on Wednesday, Enero 24, 2018.
On Civic Engagement Day, immigrants and their families have the opportunity to speak face to face with lawmakers who make the decisions affecting the daily lives of those who have come here to improve their lives. 

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Is Trump solving the immigration court backlog or is he funding it?

by Massoud Hayoun
Enero 11, 2018
Courtesy of Pacific Standard
The Trump administration may soon add hundreds of thousands of new immigration court cases to an already massive—and rapidly growing—backlog, as a key corner of the legal system in the United States slows to a standstill and asylum seekers suffer unprecedented wait times. The administration has promised to take sweeping measures to slash the backlog, but some legal analysts are skeptical of the administration’s actual goal, questioning whether the administration might be clogging the system to fulfill pledges to its anti-immigrant base.

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A prominent immigrant advocate has been detained by immigration agents in New York City

By Tiziana Rinaldi
Enero 11, 2018
Courtesy of PRI

Under a cloudy sky, Ravi Ragbir quietly reported for his scheduled check-in with immigration authorities at 26 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan on Thursday morning. It is the same office where he has attended each of his routine meetings for years.

Hoy, aunque, Ragbir didn’t walk out.

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Dreamers pin hopes on an immigration fix

by Paola Chavez & Arlette Saenz

Jan 12, 2018
Courtesy of ABC News

For months, the futures of thousands of young immigrants illegally brought to the country as children have hung in the balance as pundits, politicians, judges and journalists have debated their fates.

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Dreamers win in court, but until Congress acts, their futures are as uncertain as ever

by Aída Chávez
Enero 10, 2018
Courtesy of The Intercept
A court ruling late Tuesday night stalling President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program appeared to be good news for the young immigrants known as Dreamers, who face deportation if the policy is terminated. But the decision is limited, and congressional negotiations to find a permanent solution for DACA are a mess.

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MIRA and Jackson officials respond to DOJ immigration laws accusation

By Roslyn Anderson
Noviembre 16, 2017
Courtesy of Msnewsnow
The Capital City is in hot water with the U.S. Justice Department over federal immigration laws. Jackson received a letter demanding compliance, accusing them of immigration rule violations.
It is one of 29 jurisdictions being given just over two weeks to comply with immigration rules.
Thursday the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance held a news conference responding to the Justice Department demands.
“Not only is it an overt attack on immigrants but it is a covert attack on the City of Jackson, said MIRA Executive Director Bill Chandler.

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200,000 Salvadorans may be forced to leave the U.S. as Trump ends immigration protection

By Nick Miroff and David Nakamura
Enero 8, 2018
Courtesy of The Washington Post
The Trump administration announced Monday that it will terminate the provisional residency permits of about 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in the country since at least 2001, leaving them to face deportation.