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MIRA is a non-profit organization with a membership of more than 200 paid members statewide and more than 700 affiliated members and constituent organizations.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Mississippi.


  • is based on a desire to help improve laws and public policy affecting immigrants, and working people of color.
  • involves participation in solidarity actions to protect and expand the rights of immigrants.
  • seeks to unite all people of color and with a commitment to social justice by educating the non-immigrant community in Mississippi on immigrant issues, educating immigrant workers of their rights, and uniting human rights advocates in Mississippi on local, statewide, and national immigrants rights agendas.

We support immigrants in their struggles in the workplace and the greater community, and we engage in civic actions.  For only $60 в год, an individual can become a member and receive the benefits of linking with a diverse and active group of social justice minded people.

Become a member by donating a minimum of $60 online, or contact our office (601 968-5182) to find out how you can pay your dues with a monthly bank draft.


The work of MIRA is directed by Bill Chandler, Исполнительный директор, with more than 45 years of experience in union and community organizing.  Our Организаторы coordinate home meetings with immigrant community members, and organize public education forums and workshops in neighborhood gathering places and community centers.  Public education and legal advocacy are also conducted by MIRA’s Правовой проект.

MIRA normally holds monthly statewide advocacy meetings in Jackson (September through June).  They are open and advertised to the public, designed to help us understand the social climate, assess the needs of the immigrant community, and strategize actions around the state.  We discuss issues, formulate action and build membership.

A full calendar of upcoming MIRA events can be viewed здесь.

MIRA also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter entitled, “MIRA en Acción.  Archives are available online.

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