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[16 Noviembre 2016 | 2 Comentarios | ]
MIRA’s New Digs

Noviembre 14, 2016
MIRA has a new office. We have moved from our office of 10 years at 612 N. State Street in downtown Jackson, up the street in to the northern Fondren area between Meadowbrook and North Side to 4436 North State Street, Suite A-1, Jackson.

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[5 Agosto 2016 | No hay Comentarios | ]
MIRA Organizer Melinda Medina traveled to DC in support of DACA / DAPA

Agosto 5, 2016
In April, Melinda Medina and MIRA members Esequiel Gamboa, Jesus Mateos, and Jesus Mateos Jr traveled to Washington, DC along with the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) and Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition. They were present outside the US Supreme Court on the day that the DACA / DAPA case was argued, to show solidarity and support. Here are Melinda’s thoughts about that day:
“The rally took place right in front of the Supreme Court and MIRA volunteers raised funds so that we could take some supporters …

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[5 Junio 2016 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Attorney Brenda Lee Chambliss

Junio 1, 2016
The MIRA Legal Project thanks Mississippi native Attorney Brenda Lee Chambliss currently of Sacramento, California who volunteered with us for over a month in April and May 2016.  We really needed and appreciated her help.

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[7 Abril 2016 | No hay Comentarios | ]
MIRA Legal Project Update

MIRA Legal Project Director, Abogada Patricia Ice, is working with several families on their immigration cases, which include applications for employment authorization, lawful permanent residence, temporary protected status, petitions for relatives, waivers for national visa center processing, and naturalization. The Legal Project charges fees for services in these cases.  Ice has focused the Legal Project’s work on administrative humanitarian and family based immigration cases. The immigration courts are in New Orleans and Memphis and the MIRA Legal Project does not have the resources to handle cases there due to time, distance …

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[2 Septiembre 2015 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Trip to Texas for NNIRR board meeting

Septiembre 2, 2015
MIRA is an active part of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) and Bill Chandler serves on the NNIRR board. In July, NNIRR hosted its national board meeting in South Texas, organized by Eduardo Canales, Board Chair.
The board members met and conducted business in a different city each day. On the first day, Bill and Patricia (MIRA Legal Project Director), along with the other NNIRR board members, visited a shelter for unaccompanied minor children in San Antonio, where they held the first part of the board …

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[12 Jan 2015 | No hay Comentarios | ]
MIRA Welcomes New Gulf Coast Organizer

Enero 12, 2015
MIRA welcomes Aida Martinez Bone as an Organizer who will now work out of the MIRA Biloxi office. Formerly from Mexico, Aida is a seasoned organizer working with Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), and a major union in California. Having lived in Mississippi during the passed few years, she has volunteered with MIRA during that time.
She will be covering the southern counties of Harrison, Jackson, Hancock, Jones, and Forrest counties. Currently Aida is focused on organizing and mobilizing for the 2015 MIRA Civic Engagement Day to bring a …

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[28 Agosto 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
David Green ¡Presente!

por Bill Chandler
Agosto 28, 2014
One of the strongest advocates for workers in the Mississippi House of Representatives—all workers from state employees to immigrant workers– died late last month. Former State Representative David Green was one of the most effective legislators championing working class issues in recent memory. A founding member of the Mississippi Black Legislative Caucus, he helped guide many of their concerns through the typically rocky legislative process.
Shortly after its founding in 1989 the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/ CWA needed sponsors for its across-the-board pay raise proposal. Misisipí …

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[28 Mar 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Key MIRA Board Members Retiring

Marzo 28, 2014
Maria Jimenez (representado aquí, photo courtesy of Free Press Houston), a longtime activist with farm workers in Texas, and a strong activist with immigrant workers’ issues across the southwest, is retiring from the MIRA board. She retires from the board in order to better focus on her current work.
Also retiring from the MIRA Board is Frank Curiel, who grew up with the farm workers’ movement and was involved in organizing grape and lettuce workers in California, and in organizing mushroom workers in Florida. He is now the Regional …

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[27 Febrero 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Chokwe Lumumba ¡Presente!

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, longtime friend & ally of MIRA, Passed Away February 25, 2014 at age 66. We are deeply saddened by this sudden, unexpected loss.Chokwe Lumumba has been an active part of MIRA since our founding in 2000. Up until he was elected Mayor he served as our Legal Counsel. Patricia Ice and Chokwe both graduated from Wayne State University School of Law (Chokwe was some years ahead of her). She first met him when he came to a picket line she was on, protesting discrimination against Black law students …

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[25 Febrero 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
In-State Tuition for Undocumented College Students: Special Legislative Hearing

Febrero 25, 2014
Graduating from high school and heading to a university for a higher degree is a major goal for many of Mississippi’s young people. Most Mississippi residents qualify for in-state tuition—which means a big reduction in the overall cost of getting a college education. But if you’re an undocumented student, even if you’ve lived in Mississippi for the majority of your life, you currently have to pay out-of-state or even international tuition rates, which are 3-4 times higher. This presents a heavy financial burden, or in many cases, es …