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[7 Ottobre 2017 | No Comment | ]
Dance party raises $2,400 for immigrant bail fund

by Keshav Raghavan 
Ottobre 02, 2017
Courtesy of Yale Daily News
The Immigrant Bail Fund raised $2,400 at a dance event on Saturday to support its work posting bail for people held in immigration detention who are unable to do so on their own.
The event, a dance party with refreshments, was held at the New Haven People’s Center on Howe Street and attended by around five dozen people.

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[14 Agosto 2017 | No Comment | ]
“Love Knows No Borders”

by Onelia Hawa
Agosto 12, 2017
Skip a coffee, and support immigrant rights by donating $5 for an aqua “Love Knows No Borders. #NoBanNoWallwristband and membership with Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance!  We ONLY have 20 a sinistra!! Help us reach our goal and message for more details. And remember, don’t forget to DONATE!

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[3 Agosto 2016 | No Comment | ]
NNIRR 30th Anniversary Celebration

Agosto 3, 2016
MIRA is a part of the National Network of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a coalition of organizations that focus on rights of migrants and refugees. This year marks the NNIRR’s 30th anniversary, and the MIRA team will be traveling to Oakland, California for the July 29th “Tearing Down Walls, Lifting Up Justice” celebration. Please consider donating in support of the NNIRR as a “birthday gift.”

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[2 Settembre 2015 | No Comment | ]
Mississippi needs new leadership. Your support is critical to make this happen.

Settembre 2, 2015
We believe that “your vote is your voice.” MIRA works year after year on voter registration – one of our most important initiatives. With the November 3rd election approaching, we need your financial support to ensure that Mississippi’s immigrants & people of color are mobilized to vote. Your contribution of $10 or more will allow us to register voters in communities that often do not have a voice. 
We recently saw a Mississippi elected official take disturbing action. It’s election year, and politicians are doing whatever they can to

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[13 Novembre 2014 | No Comment | ]
Critical Funds Needed to Engage 2015 Legislative Session

Novembre 11, 2014
Mississippi is flush with some of the very worst legislators for immigrant rights. We know that the fight over immigration is going to get ugly in 2015, and we desperately need your financial support to help us defend and expand immigrant rights. 
Each year, we gather together with immigrants, friendly legislators, social justice and workers rights activists, and religious & community leaders for a Civic Engagement Day at the Mississippi state Capitol. It’s a time when we can make a public demonstration of the need for immigration reform, e …

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[11 Novembre 2014 | No Comment | ]
Midterm Election Results Dangerous for Immigrants

Novembre 11, 2014
Immigration was a hot issue during recent midterm elections, but only in a disastrous way. Despite the tremendous need for reform of our immigration policies and much discussion of overhaul over the past couple of years, candidates used the immigration issue to churn up fear among voters. Republicans pandered to the fears and anger of anti-immigrant groups in order to gain votes. Worse still, we didn’t see any Democrats standing up to the challenge or promising to address the humanitarian crisis at our borders.
One of the big concerns

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[17 Settembre 2014 | No Comment | ]
Attention Amazon Shoppers!

Attention Amazon shoppers!  You can contribute to MIRA by shopping at Amazon.  It’s quick!  It’s easy! And it’s Free!  Use the site  You will need to use this site to send contributions to MIRA, so make sure to change your bookmarks!  Once you sign in, Smile will ask you which charity you would like to sponsor.  Please choose The Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance.  That’s it!  You’re done.  Now as long as you use the site,  Amazon will donate .5% of every purchase to MIRA.  You shop, everybody wins!

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[17 Maggio 2014 | No Comment | ]
Baseball FUNdraiser

da Patricia Ice
Maggio 15, 2014
Come out and support the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance on June 29th. You’ll get to see the Mississippi Braves v the Huntsville Stars at 5:00 pm at Trustmark Park in Pearl, MS. Tickets are only $8, and a portion of sales benefit the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance. Bring the whole family and the rest of the gang! Call Amy or Patricia for tickets at 601-968-5182. In case of rain, this game will be played on June 30 instead.