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[11 Abril 2016 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Will it be Illegal to be Brown in Mississippi?

And how a major unfunded mandate hangs local and municipal government out to dry.
A dangerous bill is pending. SB 2306 is defined as:
“An act to prohibit the establishment of sanctuary cities; to authorize all Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers to assist federal agencies by legally detaining illegal aliens; to indemnify law enforcement officers for implementation of this act; and for related purposes.” The remaining text of the bill is short, and we urge you to read it here.
Senate Bill 2306 (SB 2306) is bad for public safety, bad for local …

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[5 Jan 2016 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Civic Engagement Day 2016

Enero 5, 2016
One of our most important actions every year is Civic Engagement Day, when MIRA and allies lead immigrants, activistas, and progressives to the Capitol for a demonstration and a chance to connect with legislators and discuss important issues. We have great success each year when we meet with the legislators – it builds relationships and develops new allies.
This year, Civic Engagement Day is February 24, 2016, and preparations are well underway. We are mobilizing groups along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in the Central Mississippi region, and have …

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[2 Septiembre 2015 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Mississippi needs new leadership. Your support is critical to make this happen.

Septiembre 2, 2015
We believe that “your vote is your voice.” MIRA works year after year on voter registration – one of our most important initiatives. With the November 3rd election approaching, we need your financial support to ensure that Mississippi’s immigrants & people of color are mobilized to vote. Your contribution of $10 or more will allow us to register voters in communities that often do not have a voice. 
We recently saw a Mississippi elected official take disturbing action. It’s election year, and politicians are doing whatever they can to …

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[22 Junio 2015 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Mississippi Elections 2015: Voter Registration and Getting Out The Vote are MIRA Priorities!

Junio 21, 2015
 Mississippi’s changing demographics present an opportunity to lay the ground for political and economic change. With a small but growing progressive trend among white voters, and an African American population upwards to 40% of the state’s population, joined by the new and growing immigrant communitiesengaged and together can make it happen. The Latino population in Mississippi is now around 3% and rapidly increasing, with over a 100% growth reported in the last census, and predicted to rise to 10% over the next ten years.
But where are the

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[12 Mar 2015 | No hay Comentarios | ]
11 Bad Bills

Marzo 12, 2015
HB 1216—Rep John Moore, R, Brandon; “Prohibits the application of foreign laws in Mississippi”

HB 1187—Rep Becky Currie, R, Brookhaven; “Employment Protection Act” (The same bill she has introduced to make work illegal)
HB 1218—Rep Mark Baker, R, Brandon; “Prohibits the use & enforcement of foreign laws in judicial proceedings”
HB 1300—Rep Becky Currie, R, Brookhaven; “Increases fines for human trafficking,” (A punitive bill aimed at immigrants and people transporting immigrants whether to church, the doctor’s office, anywhere else)
SB 2015—Sen Billy Hudson, R, Hattiesburg; “Persons providing false information when applying for …

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[14 Jan 2015 | No hay Comentarios | ]
MIRA’s 2015 Legislative Agenda

Enero 14, 2015
Please note: Since we are still at the very beginning of the session, so far most bills have not been introduced and few of them have been assigned their numbers. The deadline for introducing bills is Monday, Jan 19, two days before Civic Engagement Day. We are sharing the pro-immigrant proposals for this session, and once we have the bill numbers and titles for all the bill, we will send those to you.
The following are the proposals that MIRA is supporting; these bills would represent significant change in the

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[24 Noviembre 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
New Deferred Action Program Info (incluye anuncio español)

Noviembre 24, 2014
Para la versión española, por favor, desplácese hacia abajo.
On November 20, 2014 President Obama announced his expanded deferred action plan that will allow undocumented parents of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents to seek deferred action or prosecutorial discretion status.  The plan also expands the deferred action for childhood arrivals program to those 31 years old or above.  If you are eligible for either one of these new programs, you will not be able to apply for them until 2015. There are no forms yet on which to

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[11 Noviembre 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Midterm Election Results Dangerous for Immigrants

Noviembre 11, 2014
Immigration was a hot issue during recent midterm elections, but only in a disastrous way. Despite the tremendous need for reform of our immigration policies and much discussion of overhaul over the past couple of years, candidates used the immigration issue to churn up fear among voters. Republicans pandered to the fears and anger of anti-immigrant groups in order to gain votes. Worse still, we didn’t see any Democrats standing up to the challenge or promising to address the humanitarian crisis at our borders.
One of the big concerns

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[19 Septiembre 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Fifteen Percent is a Shockingly Small Number

Septiembre 19, 2014
15%– it is the proportion of voting age residents who cast ballots in the 25 states that held primaries in the first six months of this year. En 15 of those states, the turnout was the lowest ever.
 MIRA is engaged in a targeted voter registration drive to reach out to U.S. citizens in the immigrant communities across Mississippi. Naturalized citizens, youth and others born in the U.S. of immigrant families who will be 18 years of age by election day, Martes, November 4th are eligible …

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[17 Septiembre 2014 | No hay Comentarios | ]
Urgent! Anti-immigration legislation on the rise!

Septiembre 17, 2014
Governor Bryant’s hateful anti-immigrant speech shows his racist attitudes as he tries to stop children from reuniting with their families in Mississippi while awaiting immigration hearings. MIRA knows that his supporters and other cronies will buy into the misinformation motivated by fear and hatred that drive ridiculous stories of diseased terrorist gang members taking over our borders. MIRA knows the desperate children fleeing to our borders need our compassion and our support. We cannot allow our state to go backwards on the issue of immigrants’ derechos. As recently