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California becomes ‘sanctuary state’ in rebuke of Trump immigration policy

by Jazmine Ulloa 
October 7, 2017
Courtesy of L.A. Times
Under threat of possible retaliation by the Trump administration, Gov. Jerry Brown signed landmark “sanctuary state” legislation Thursday, vastly limiting who state and local law enforcement agencies can hold, question and transfer at the request of federal immigration authorities.

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By Karen Hensel
October 7, 2017
Courtesy NECN
Immigration is not just an issue at the borders, it is also an issue in Boston.
As more illegal immigrants are detained, some call it an immigration death sentence. A death sentence because they fear for their lives if they’re deported back to their countries.
One high profile case in Boston has become the example of the new changes in immigration enforcement.

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Internal emails show ICE agents struggling to substantiate Trump’s lies about immigrants

by Alice Speri
October 4 2017
Courtesy of The Intercept
As hundreds of undocumented immigrants were rounded up across the country last February in the first mass raids of the Trump administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials went out of their way to portray the people they detained as hardened criminals, instructing field offices to highlight the worst cases for the media and attempting to distract attention from the dozens of individuals who were apprehended despite having no criminal background at all.

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Yakima Immigration Case Could Have National Implications

by Esmy Jinez
October 3, 2017
Courtesy of Northwest Public Radio

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently had a four-day-long operation called “Safe Cities.” The national action resulted in over 450 undocumented immigrants detained. Thirty-three arrests took place in Seattle.
In Yakima, an individual but more complicated immigration detention case is ongoing. It started in May and continues with potential for national implications.
What began as one local case is now three distinct ones.

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Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act urgently needed for humane treatment of detainees

by Dan Werner
October 3, 2017
Courtesy of Southern Poverty Law Center
Immigrants in detention centers have not been charged with criminal offenses, but they are treated like criminals. Warehousing immigrants – including asylum-seekers who are fleeing violence and persecution in their native countries – in prison-like environments goes against any understanding of human dignity.
Too often, guards use excessive force against detainees, and abusively place them into solitary confinement.